ALLDAS Solutions‚Äč

ALLDAS Solutions is a leading provider of wireless consulting, system solution guidance, and technical services with a globally recognised and experienced team within the telecom services industry. ALLDAS Solutions provides a vast range of professional services which are focused on helping plan, deploy and manage your connectivity needs.

An Australian owned and operated business with a proven track record of delivering certainty on cost, quality and connectivity for Property Owner, Carriers, System Integrators and enterprises.

ALLDAS Solutions can be relied upon to:

  • Facilitate Business Agreements Between your Facility and the Wireless Carriers
  • Lead, Coordinate and support major wireless telecommunication Projects.
  • Provide Technology Guidance and Coordination with Wireless Service providers, Cellular Carriers and Equipment Vendors
  • Design and support with the procurement of System Integrators and Installation contractors to ensure the right solution choice.

ALLDAS has significant competence and expertise in:

  • MCF engagement and specifications
  • Both Public and Private LTE wireless network Solution Provisioning
  • Industry 4.0 wireless connectivity and autonomous operations
  • RF Prediction Modelling & Coverage Optimization
    • DAS
    • Small Cells
    • Backhaul, Midhaul and Fronthaul Transmission recommendations
  • RF System Infrastructure Design
  • RF Exposure/Hazard Studies
  • Public Safety and Two-way Radio Systems
  • Cellular Coverage Systems across all bands and frequencies
  • Neutral Host business models and requirements

ALLDAS Solutions is a leader in telecom design engineering, specification development and project management. We provide turnkey project management and oversight that includes vendor selection, carrier contract negotiations, site assessment, design, procurement, deployment quality and service assurance.

ALLDAS Solutions Planning Services include:

  • Technical advice and representation
  • System Requirement development
  • Technology Roadmap planning
  • Regulatory compliance and permitting requirements.
  • Carrier and vendor negotiations
  • Development of tender documentation
  • Perform tender process E2E

ALLDAS Solutions Delivery and Project Execution Services include:

  • Detailed site surveys to identify building coverage and operational needs.
  • Design and engineer MCF compliant solution
  • Primary and backup Power System Design and solution recommendations
  • Environmental regulatory compliance permissions and compliance
  • Project management, installation oversight and testing

ALLDAS Solutions will provide guidance and support on Operations, which include:

  • Solution and System familiarisation and training
  • Recommend best practice operational management processes.
  • Support with real time remote monitoring
  • Development of frame works for KPIs and service levels.