Professional Services

Facility or community connectivity assessments

Properly defining the problem and determining the goals of the project are the first steps in finding the path to a solution. We determine the scope of connectivity problems, interview stakeholders regarding needs and concerns, and put together a clear analysis and recommend a path to success.

Contract negotiation

We bring years of experience in negotiating contracts covering design, technical requirements, and business terms. Furthermore, every cellular project that is deployed requires carrier approval. This approval and the support that a carrier provides required documentation and contract negotiations.

Request for Tender (RFT) development

With a clear view of the desired solution, we prepare a Request For Tender (RFT) that includes technical specifications, performance minimums, coverage standards, the design or design standards, adaptability for new technologies, interference management, and regulatory compliance.

RFT response analysis

We provide technical support during the RFT process by leading pre-bid walks with potential respondents and drafting responses to pre-bid technical questions. We participate in the analysis of the submitted RFTs, bidder interviews, selection meetings, and provide final recommendations to the client.

Facilitate coordination with carriers

We know the carriers well, and we understand what motivates them. How projects are presented and the conversations regarding a project’s network value determine the carriers’ level of interest in being involved in the project and the role they might play. This coordination is critical to the success of every project.

Internet of Things (IOT) technologies

IOT has just started the next technical revolution of data collection, analytics and applications. Wireless densification—whether cellular or Wi-Fi—is the first step in taking advantage of applications today and in the future.

RF system design and design review

When needed we provide our clients with carrier level DAS designs which are MCF compliant. This service allows our client to select the technology and control the quality while minimizing the cost of the system. Our design services, including review of existing designs, can mean a significant time and cost saving for our clients.